Kitty Cuppa Love

kittycuppaThese cute mice combine catnip and tea to create a healthy treat that cats LOVE. I gave some to my friend’s kitty Tigger for Christmas and he absolutely loved them. Check out the info below!
Kitty Cuppa Love
by Kenneth Roberts, Master Herbalist at Discover Teas
At Discover Teas, it is just as important to us to help our four-legged family members live a healthy lifestyle. We have Cuppa Puppy for our canine friends and Kitty Cuppa for our felines, which we will highlight here. As you can imagine, getting a cat to drink something with catnip is not likely to occur. In our ‘market research’, they tended to lay next to the bowl purring and splashing it everywhere instead of drinking it. We discovered putting Kitty Cuppa herbal blend into an organic wool mouse toy lets them play and chew on it, which combines with their saliva to release the herbal benefits. The mice are even hand-knitted locally by a good friend of ours using only natural materials.
Kitty Cuppa herbal blend was formulated to help our feline family members support and strengthen the kidneys, bladder and ureter walls. It may help reduce inflammation in the kidneys and bladder, as well as thin the urine and help the body release more of the uric acids that tend to build up in the kidneys eventually affecting overall health. Catnip is actually great for the digestive system and reducing inflammation. Dandelion is used to cleanse the blood and tissues. Marshmallow root is added for aiding in inflammation reduction and providing a protective coating to soft membranes in the kidneys, bladder and ureter that can protect the tissues from uric acid. A touch of Chamomile is blended in to soothe and calm the nervous and digestive systems. By soothing, strengthening, and supporting these body systems, Kitty Cuppa herbal blend may add years of quality to your loved one’s life. Plus the way your cat will go crazy wild for the mice, she’s getting in some exercise too! Bonus.



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