Combating Urine Stains

By Butch Beckman, Owner, Capital Carpet and Services


Combating Urine StainsUrine contains uric acid, yellow pigment, urea, enzymes and other chemicals. Uric acid begins to change immediately upon leaving your pet’s body. The warm acidic state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause a color change in the carpet that can become a permanent stain if the urine is not removed immediately. Odors associated with urine come from bacteria that grow abundantly in dark, warm places such as carpeting.

A dog or cat that weighs less than five pounds will produce more than ten gallons of urine per year. If the animal concentrates most of that urine in an area of less than 100 square feet, which many do, the damage to carpets, rugs and upholstery can be extensive. The best home remedy is to repeatedly blot the affected area with a clean white towel to absorb the liquid. After the spot has dried, blotting a solution of one half white vinegar and one half warm water onto the area may help.

While the home remedy described above helps to reduce odor and bacteria, it is not nearly as effective as professional process. For mild cases, we treat the affected surface with a powerful decontaminant specially formulated to loosen dog, cat, and other pet urine salts. The area is then deep cleaned to remove the urine salts, stains and odors. The carpet is then treated with our highly effective decontaminate that destroys any remaining bacteria and pet odor within the carpet or upholstered fibers.



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