Did Fido Eat Chocolate Today?

Did Fido Eat Chocolate Today?

Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs and What To Do

There are increased cases of chocolate toxicity (poisonings) over the Christmas Holidays! A study found hundreds of cases of dogs needing veterinary treatment after stealing chocolate Santa’s, selection boxes, chocolate oranges and even a mug of hot chocolate. While rarely fatal, chocolate ingestion can result in significant illness. Theobromine is the predominant toxin in chocolate and is very similar to caffeine. Dogs cannot metabolize theobromine and caffeine as well as people can. This makes them more sensitive to the chemicals’ effects.
What are the symptoms of chocolate toxicity?
theobromine is the cardiac stimulant in a diuretic, meaning it speeds up the heart and lungs and pulls fluids out of the body in the forms of vomiting and diarrhea. So therefore a dog or a cat but more likely a dog, who has too much chocolate will suffer rapid heart rate and breathing, vomiting, diarrhea seizures, and even death from doing so.
How much chocolate is too much? (on average) REMEMBER- each dog is different, this is just a guide.
  • White Chocolate – Not much Theobromine but still not good for your pup. Usually no concern but my want to call vet.
  • Milk Chocolate – 1oz of chocolate per pound of dog
  • Dark Chocolate – 1/2oz of chocolate per pound of dog
  • Bakers Chocolate and Cocoa Powder – 1/4oz of chocolate per pound of dog

REMEMBER- each dog is different, this is just a guide.

What should you do if your dog enjoys the a chocolate feast?
  • Try to determine how much your pup has eaten
  • Check or elevate hart rate and breathing
  • Call your vet or go to the emergency event – Bring the package or Wrapper with you
  • If Necessary, induce vomiting
How to Induce Vomiting: You will need FRESH Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Solution. Hydrogen Peroxide should be stored in a cool, dark location. Open bottles need to be replaced every 6 months Dosing:
  • 1 teaspoon for every five pounds of your pet’s body weight OR
  • 1 Tablespoon for every 15 pounds of your pet’s body weight
With a syringe ready, open their mouth an then dribble it on the back of the tongue a little bit of time close the mouth massage the throat and get your pup to swallow. Once you have given them the complete dose you need to stop. Hydrogen Peroxide may irritated dog’s stomach for up to a couple of weeks because of this a veterinarian visit is recommended even if you are successful in getting your dog to vomit the chocolate.
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator http://veterinaryclinic.com/chocolate/calc.html




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