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Check out these adoption options:

4 Paws Animal Rescue – 4 Paws Animal Rescue specializes in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed. By involving and educating the community, 4 Paws Animal Rescue works to raise the public’s awareness of the plight of homeless animals as well as realizing the benefits of adopting an animal in need. Our animals are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes.

Adopt-A-Spot Dalmatian Rescue – We at Adopt A Spot Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Dalmatians and to help control the animal population by spaying and neutering Dalmatians before they are placed in “forever” homes. We are committed to placing Dalmatians in only permanent homes, where they will receive good, loving and humane treatment

Animal Aid Society of Hampton, VA – The Animal Aid Society is a “No-Kill” dog shelter. The mission of the Society is to provide to and/or for animals, other than Man, shelter, medical aid, care and protection, to act as a placement agency for dogs in good health, and to provide education for the humane care and treatment of dogs, and to attempt to prevent cruelty to dogs.

Animal Resources of Tidewater – Animal Resources of Tidewater is more than just an organization that finds homes for dogs and cats. Since 1999, our humble organization made up of a small handful of determined volunteers has grown leaps and bounds. With grants and donations, we have proudly established several programs designed to improve the lives of companion animals in Hampton Roads: SpayHR, Community Medical Assistance, Legislative Policy Advocacy and the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.

Atlantic Region Central Border Collie Rescue – The purpose of ARCBCR is to rescue border collies, border collie mixes and other herding dogs from situations that are neglectful, abusive, and endangering. We take in dogs from shelters, those found as strays, and those that can no longer be kept by their current families.

Bay Beagle Rescue -Bay Beagle Rescue is dedicated to saving beagles most in need – the abused, the abandoned, senior and special needs dogs. Their goal is to provide safe, loving foster and adoptive homes for the remainder of their lives.

Billy the Kidden Rescue– We provide TNR, cat/kitten trapping, feral rehab, limited re-homing, cat health education, and rescue help in VA/NC.Know of a cat colony near you? Call Billy the Kidden to the Rescue !

Collie & Sheltie Rescue of Southeastern Va -The Collie and Sheltie Rescue Association of SEVA is a volunteer-staff, non-profit org, that rescues,rehabilitates and re-homes Collies and Shelties who have been relinquished. All of thier dogs are fostered in the private homes of our volunteers, who have undergone a vigorous vetting process that includes: submitting a detailed application; home visits; and reports from their veterinarians. We bring every dog up to date on vaccinations, heart worm testing/ prevention and flea/tick prevention. We cover necessary surgeries to include spaying or neutering. Once vetted, our dogs are then eligible to be adopted to carefully chosen homes, where they will be loved, well cared for, and protected.

Critters 4 You Rescue – Critters 4 U Rescue, INC (501c3 state registered home/foster based rescue, no-kill) is working with the community to save and help the unwanted/homeless animals have a second chance in life. Many of these animals have had a rough start in life and just need a second chance to have a happy healthy life. We take in homeless, unwanted, abused, and neglected animals, have them vetted, and give them a safe place to live until a permanent home can be found for them.

Dogs Deserve Better – Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained or penned dog and bringing our best friend into the home and family. The mission of Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., is to provide a better life for abused, neglected and abandoned canines; especially those which are chained or penned without human companionship. To see available dogs to adopt or foster visit their website. Interested in volunteering? Click to learn more.

Doberman Assistance Rescue & Education – Our primary directives are to educate the public about Dobermans, to assist owners in placing unwanted Dobermans, to provide foster homes and veterinary care for rescued and relinquished Dobermans, and to place Dobermans into loving homes through our adoption program. Our primary concern is the health and well-being of the Dobermans, and as such we provide support, consultation, and camaraderie to the adoptive families–not only through the adoption process but also throughout the lives of our Dobermans.

East Coast Gentle Giants East Coast Gentle Giants Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization group that is 100% VOLUNTEER run with NO PAID employees dedicated to taking in dogs that have been abused and neglected and occasionally we take in owner surrenders. Our dogs are temperament tested. If for any reason they do not pass the temperament test, they will not be taken into rescue. There are specific requirements to surrender a dog in addition to up-to-date medical. We are here to ensure that more dogs do not end up in shelters and get euthanized, which is why all of our rescue dogs are spayed and neutered before an adoption is complete.

Fur-Ever Home Rescue– Fur-Ever Home Rescue, LLC is an all-breed VA-based rescue. We have volunteers in five states and pull from numerous shelters up and down the east coast from Miami to NYC, and west to AL.

Garfield’s Rescue, Inc. –is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose vision is to “Eliminate suffering of community/homeless cats on the Northern Neck of Virginia” which include Lancaster, Northumberland, Westmoreland, and Richmond Counties

Giant Hearts Dog Rescue – We are an all volunteer dog rescue organization devoted to helping abandoned or surrendered giant breed dogs in the Virginia area.

Go Rescue Pet Adoption Center – Our rescue center provides a safe haven for homeless dogs, giving them the time, care, and love they need to find the right home, not just any home

Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs-GARD is a Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) certified, professional volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) resource available to assist authorities with lost, or missing people in urban, wilderness or disaster settings.

Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth -Our Goal as a Great Dane rescue in the sate of Virginia is to take in, rehabilitate and rehome purebred Great Danes, who are no longer wanted, by placing them in foster care and carefully screening potential adopters to ensure that the perfect forever homes are found. In addition to rescuing Great Danes in Virginia, we aim to educate the public about the breed.

Heritage Humane Society– Heritage Humane Society is a local, independent, open-admission shelter that receives more than 93% of its funding through private donations, and receives no funding from the Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA. By keeping donations local, you help homeless pets in our community find their way safely to new homes.GIVE TODAY

Homes Fur Hounds – Williamsburg A nonprofit pet adoption and pet rescue, Homes Fur Hounds, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the happiness and sanctity of animals. Committing ourselves and resources to finding forever homes for the pets that come our way, we connect loving people with loving pets.

House Rabbit Society –is a non-profit organization based in Richmond, California, United States, that rescues and adopts rabbits and educates the community with its curriculum on rabbit care. HRS promotes responsible rabbit guardianship, including spaying and neutering, regular veterinary care, diet, and exercise

K9 Justice League– The K9 Justice League is a non-profit organization formed in 2008 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s co-founders Jessica Wilde and Tiffany Gray wanted to form a group which focused on working with the local shelters to help our never-ending population of dogs in need in the Hampton Roads area. The K9 Justice League works locally and in surrounding areas rescuing and re-homing dogs in need.

Lab Rescue LRCP – VA, Maryland, WV, Delaware, Pennsylvania, NC (There are people in Yorktown) We are a non-profit volunteer organization that rescues, fosters, and finds forever homes for abused, neglected, and abandoned Labrador Retrievers in the states of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We provide our Labs with veterinary care, spay or neuter services, and placement with foster families where they are loved while they await adoption.

New Leash K9 Rescue – Whether from abusive and neglectful homes, to homes struggling to provide the proper care, New Leash K-9 Rescue takes dogs from all kinds of situations and we make it our goal to find a loving and healthy forever home for each and every one of our rescues.

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter-The Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter (PRAS) is a collaborative venture supported by four separate Hampton Roads communities: Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, and York County. This 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is managed and operated by the City of Newport News on behalf of the four jurisdictions. This “open-admission” shelter contains a full service veterinary clinic for the shelter animals and has capacity for approximately 100 dogs and 180 cats, as well as pocket pets and other small companion animals.

Pit Road K-9 Rescue and Sanctuary– We are a No KILL Non for profit dog shelter and sanctuary in the Tidewater Virginia area.We work with mostly the bully breeds: American Bulldogs, Pitbulls, Dogo Argentinos, American Staffordshire terriers, Boxer mixes, and mastiff mixes.

P.A.W.S. – Poquoson Animal Welfare Sanctuary, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue and placement of abandoned, abused, and neglected animals (cats at this time).

Peninsula SPCA – Since 1963, the Peninsula SPCA has provided shelter and adoption services for the homeless pets of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson and York County. Now, in 2015, we have transitioned to be an Adoption Guarantee, or “no kill” animal shelter, allowing us to expand our services to include adoption, humane education offerings to students and civic groups, and outreach programs to the citizens of our community.

P.U.G.S – Pugs You Gotta Save- Non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and tending to the needs of abandoned and surrendered Pugs in VA.

Rakki Inu Akita Rescue – The name means “lucky dog,” which is both an acknowledgment of the Akita’s status as a national treasure of Japan and the belief that they bring luck and prosperity, and that any dog saved from starvation, neglect, abuse, or homelessness is lucky to have made it to rescue.We are dedicated to finding new, loving homes for our rescues and to provide help and support to Akita owners everywhere.

Ring Dog Rescue – Henrico, VA Ring Dog Rescue is a rescue group dedicated to “Pit Bull type dogs”, which are defined as any dog having bulldog lineage. We are a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization and are currently listing adoptable pit bulls from, not only Ring Dog Rescue, but our other rescue friends and those who have opened their door to an orphaned pit bull in private rescue.

Saver of Souls Pet Rescue -SOS is a Pet Rescue organization based in Virginia Beach that help pets in need find their forever homes. Formerly Vizzini’s Pet Rescue. Visit their website or Facebook page to see available rescues.

Second Chance Habitat – Chesapeake, VA We are a very small group of volunteers advocating for humane solutions, and life-affirming alternatives for homeless, abandoned animals. We find loving homes for adoptable dogs abandoned in crowded, high kill shelters; we operate a one of a kind cage-free, safe-haven sanctuary for feral and unadoptable cats in Chesapeake, VA.

SEVA GRREAT Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training!

Southeast German Shepard Rescue-Southeast German Shepherd Rescue was founded in 2010 to save German Shepherd Dogs from abuse, abandonment, and high kill shelters. SGSR is a non-profit organization that wouldn’t exist without the compassion and dedication of volunteers determined to help Rescue, Rehab, and Rehome this noble breed.SGSR operates primarily in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. We are committed to assisting German Shepherd Dog (GSD) rescue efforts throughout the Southeast and one of our goals is to expand our foster networks throughout the southeastern United States.

Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue-Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue (SSR) is a all-volunteer rescue focused primarily on the rescue of German Shepherd Dogs. We are based out of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, but expand our reach and work to save German Shepherd Dogs in heavily populated areas throughout the country. We have a strong passion to help the breed, but would like to extend a helping hand to the various shepherds in need: Shiloh, Dutch, Belgian, etc.

Siamese Cat Rescue Center – SCRC has a shelter facility located in Locust Dale, VA, about 1.5 hours southwest of Washington DC, and foster homes throughout the Eastern US, from Florida to New Hampshire to Indiana & Tennessee. The shelter is open by appointment only, Monday through Sunday.

Southern States Mastiff Rescue – Southern States Mastiff Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit 50l(c)3 organization that was established in 2005. We cover the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We place Old English Mastiffs that have been abandoned, turned in to shelters, strays, and accept dogs into the rescue program from persons unable to care for their mastiff physically and/or financially. We do not accept any dogs that have shown past aggression towards people or other animals.

Southern States Rescued Rottweilers-Southern States Rescued Rottweilers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, dedicated to saving the lives of Rottweilers throughout fourteen southern states of the U.S., including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. We could not fulfill that mission without the efforts of our supporters and hard working volunteers

The Cat Corner, Inc. – The Cat Corner was founded by a very passionate and devoted animal lover, Martha Nicholson. After seeing an overwhelming number of cats homeless and being euthanized, Martha was determined to open a no-kill shelter to make a difference in these cats’ lives. In 1981, Martha purchased an old barber shop at her own expense and opened The Cat Corner in Hampton, Virginia. The Cat Corner is a completely volunteer operated organization and is solely funded by donations from the community. Because of the help of our caring and hardworking volunteers and the support and donations from our community, we have been able to uphold Martha’s dream and make a difference in countless lives…and doing so for over three decades!

The Tanzie Project– Our mission is to bring awareness and support to saving the forgotten, homeless pets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other areas of the Balkan Peninsula.

Virginia German Shepherd Rescue – all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of the German Shepherd Dog. We provide a safe haven for German Shepherds (and, sometimes, other breeds/mixes) who are left in shelters to await uncertain fate; are owner surrenders (moving, illness, divorce, death, etc.); or are victims of abuse or neglect. We adopt dogs to loving, responsible and secure homes, typically, in Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. Since our inception in 2001, we have found good homes for over 3000 dogs.

Virginia Pawsitivaty Initiative-Putting an end to MILL Puppies and Kittens in Virginia for good in a positive manner!

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