Team Member Interest Survey

The survey on this page is for employees of Critter Sitters and More, LLC.


Team Member Interest Survey

Finding out the best clients for our Team and personal interest survey

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Our 3 busiest holidays include the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. All team members need to be available to work for two (2) of these three (3) major holidays. This does not mean you will not have time for your own celebrations with your family and friends. By working as a team, we can meet the needs of our clients and still find time to enjoy holiday festivities with loved ones. Critter Sitters and More will begin to receive travel requests for these as early as 6 months out so in June, team members will be asked to select which one of the three holidays they would like to have off. For Team Members who have primary employment outside of Critter Sitters and More that will find they will have additional availability during the holidays and would like to take on additional work that they would not normally be available for, you can update your time off in the system to open up more availability for pet sitting visits. Please select which Holiday you need 100% time off for this year. We will discuss exact dates and enter time off we set up our onboarding zoom.

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